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The New Yorker magazine published many if not most of Gallant’s short stories dating as early as the 1950s. The New Yorker Magazine has a multiplex digital archive of their newspapers and magazines, providing easy access worldwide to their subscribers who wish to use or read their materials online.

Another unique function the periodical includes is the usage of podcasting in their online presence and website. The fixed podcasts form caries an advertising and marketing undertone benefiting the periodical, targeting a newer audience and medium.

Many accounts and older published articles are re-visited by established writers and emerging authors, re-marketing audience and targeting the newer digital younger generation who are all about the information age. Podcasting as a form of media has secured its place in mass communication, as a distinct way of communicating ideas, beliefs and the lived experience of the most conscious.

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Podcast as a plug for authors and the New Yorker magazine

The New Yorker Magazine podcast is a plug for the authors and the magazine, rediscovering famous New Yorker authors like Mavis Gallant the Canadian short story writer and Alice Munro.

Personally, the first time I encountered podcasts was during my time organizing album art for my friend’s music collections whilst using “Apple’s ITunes”. It was just something I did not mess with. It was during the time I started using “Soundcloud” for uploading online music selections that I discovered the wonderful world of podcasting.

The auditory experience of listening to podcasts not only allowed me to multitask, it provided an alternative form of discernment and understanding on issues that others forms of media lack like the intimate emotions in a human voice and connection.

The magazine and articles are not only accessed and digitized online, but are also re-visited by emerging creators that produce podcasts with the New Yorker staff. The digitization of the articles both through podcasting and literal materials like periodicals create a diverse interaction with the audience and a contemporary targeted market, creating a unique shape and diverse statement of how periodicals may use digitization not only in the form of text wrangling but also a byproduct of the sound medium.

The Podcast made the conversation the primary form of communication again; an engaging one

The engagement in Podcasts differ in relation to other mediums. For instance, the approach of podcasters like “OnBeing” or “LipService”, is unlike the rehearsed public address made by politicians, actors or news anchors, it is a private conversation with little to no red tape allowing for the participants to express themselves as honestly as possible. Perhaps the New Yorker’s podcast is slightly more rehearsed and have a restricted form but still sort of professionally informal and literary informative.

Podcasting is another medium that can be digitized by reading or accessing materials that is fairly forgotten or unknown to contemporary audience. Re-visiting these allows an insight into the past and creates another impression of the digitization medium. Institutions are able to re-brand and market their materials, by simply digitizing their products, and working through the byproduct materials with contemporary media and established audience to charge and market for their unique long standing periodical.

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