From youth, I find myself awakened by lunacy and failure.

The human body is a really interesting figure.

An eye; it defines our stance and genes in equal life that is meant to be enjoyed but not suffered.

It heals itself if you break any bones and not all organs sever.

A kiss of death – it awakens hidden diseases and hereditary problems in aim to dispose the creature created, our being.

We dream of the future when we close our eyes but project fears that defines our hidden anxieties and pains of truths in disbelief.

And the brain – a tyrant to our own proud selves (if we allow it).

The outside is as cruel as our happening, but no one is as well as our existence.

Full, capable, happy and resistant to the negative powers of human earth, that is if we want to.

Otherwise, the world as it seems now plans to intoxicate and disappear our nature-given light that seldom shows the way towards a truly real meaning of life.

Money and time, both eating our definitions.

Souls hovering over thy tired bodies with skin intact.

Experiences of feelings brought by energy and vibrancy.

We regenerate and grow and peak and fail to find what we’re here for because certainly it’s not a wicked divine narcissism or a spark of nature.

I demand the reality to be seen in life of what it really means to bee.

We’re here now, folded into never-ending pieces.

Growing and peaking to our full existence enhanced by the consequences of time.

Show us the way to a newer place that explains what it’s all about.

Image : Blake’s “Exulting over Eve”