Spring equinox is just around the corner


He awakens thee

Only to find man is happy with desires for notes, even dispelled for the love of eve 

That rose and came became upon priority in the modern world

Others that seek a shorter time

Losing my wits as the absurdity of the situation speaks itself

No man is happy with all desires in his inner voice

It is in human fate to push Adam endmost

Travelers seek the longest day to sell and trade day

Wasting hours working for no value paper instead of air and life

Articles explain the profit margin

I’m more likely to be in within reach so to speak

Tragedy speaking because only I am the only person who is capable of self defeat 

The irony of adult grief stings

Yellow and paper speak the formal language of the cupid money talks not love

Not happiness or diligence

Salient to partake but not lavish

Time has come – Trust together with the sun

Its foretold, Thy will find none but moral sense in love which is true by heart

Rather than assets in cart

Hand in hand, we fight in aim to purge the greedy and insatiable