Insomnia is such an enlightening feeling because you come to the realization that you actually don’t need the necessity of having to sleep everyday.

Our bodies are simply used to the idea of needing constant long hours of rest every night because we are weak but strong at heart and will. Our bodies are machines and batteries need to reenergize one way or another.

Yes there are hallucinations and fatigue but if you develop a habit to actively be awake and conscience; you encounter actions much deeper and perceive things that surround you much differently perhaps more intimate or scary, with respect to para’ para’ paranoia.

The deal is to fool your body system its a new day and eat to restart your body’s function tricking it being tomorrow already here. I have not taken much caffeine but I’ve cut down the smokes and have lots of walking around and work to do which I personally think that helps get the day going.

It becomes much easier after the 28th hour. It feels that sleeplessness is not really a thing no more and you can just simply push towards the end now. Shadows may pass by and voices will be heard, but that’s normal, depending on what you on.

You may not look your best but you’ve made it through. It’s a long day and now you find it hard to break through the cycle of going to sleep because you’ve convinced your body and mind already that you don’t need any sleep in the current time. After 46 hours, you finally cajole to go to sleep. Sometimes things get complicated.


Image : Bosch : Christ in limbo